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Provisionally from 21st June

Wye Valley Izzy’s Ice-cream CAFE

Activity Details

An exciting game of tag played in the maze, with rules so complicated that only children can understand them - watch out for the hats! Great for developing fitness, communication and tactical skills. Highly competitive - yet with no winners or losers.

Our Butterfly Zoo Keeper shows your group our tropical butterflies and their life-cycle, how to find eggs, caterpillars and chrysalides, and tells of the surprising survival strategies they have evolved. Great for developing awareness of growth and the role of biodiversity. Indoors.

Play on our excellent 12-hole course with its all-weather surface, and the winner keeps the pencil! Great for developing fair play, competitiveness and basic arithmetic. Group Activity participants are started at different holes to play rounds simultaneously.

We lead your group to make a labyrinth - in minutes - then tell a story about it before organising a race 'round, and finally you wreck it! Great for developing listening, measuring and team skills.

Learn to fly a juggler's Diabolo on the grass. It's huge fun, and everyone learns a party-trick for life! Great for developing perseverance and coordination.

A quick-change fancy-dress team race based on the life-cycle of butterflies, complete with predators. Hilarious excitement! Great for reinforcing the butterfly life-cycle.

Developed from Lindsay’s “Chaos for Kids” maths master-classes for children for the British Association for the Advancement of Science, this activity demonstrates features of mathematical chaos - without using complex numbers, algebra or arithmetic! Huge fun, you’ll be amazed! Book this as Maze Man’s Hat + Maze Making Magic + Miniature Golf… and add the Zoo Keeper’s Safari as an excuse to rabbit on about the Fibonacci Series! For older groups, why not bring your scientific calculators for statistical analysis of the Golf scores on the coach home? Recommended for Year 5 to Year 8

Laser Tag played at a purpose built Close Quarter Battleground based on CQB ranges used by Special Forces. It’s like your favourite computer games - but real. Games are progressive and based on Special Operations, but it’s not hard-core military training. It’s like paintball but without the pain or the paint - a non-contact sport which is sheer fun! Great for developing communication skills and team bonding - so excellent for staff-room team-building, your cadet corps and all sports teams.