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The Riverside Church

Our simple parish church has been a haven of serenity and sanctity for over a thousand years. The patron saint is the celtic Dyffrig (Dubricius in Latin, and also known here as Tiburcius historically), who was born and taught in Erging, which later became part of our county of Herefordshire.

The legend of Dyffrig’s miraculous birth, in which water is the common theme, is a mystery of redemption, yet has all the character of a rain charm. You can find that story inside the church. In his History of the Kings of Britain, Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote that it had been Dubricius who in his old age had crowned King Arthur when the hero had first held court at Caerleon.

Today, brides sometimes still arrive by boat to be married here, disembarking at the tiny landing stage in the churchyard on the River Wye. The ancient preaching cross is a favourite place for their wedding photographs in the shade of magnificent trees.

It’s not just a pretty spot. The family history witnessed by the inscriptions on the tombstones and memorial plaques, and in the Gwillim grave enclosure in the churchyard, spans many centuries. It reaches out as far as Canada, and back to descendants of King Charles II.

The church is a lovely place of worship in the Anglican tradition, and still provides hope and solace to parishioners and visitors alike. All are welcome from all denominations and religions. We only ask that this sacred place be approached with respect.

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