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Butterfly Zoo and MiniGolf open at 10 am,

Maze open from 11 am.

All last entries at 5 pm for 5:45

Wye Valley Izzy’s Ice-cream CAFE

Outdoor picnic areas

Wye Valley Visitor Centre has two furnished outdoor picnic areas, one paved which overlooks the Miniature Golf Course and one on the lawn.

The lawn is also a popular place to spread out a cloth for a picnic in the sun. Schools often like to get under the umbrella of the great willow tree’s leaves and make it their base for their trip here.

Rose’s Picnic Refuge

The Wye Valley Visitor Centre also has Rose’s Picnic Refuge for weather proof picnics and shelter from unexpected showers - and you can charge your devices while you are there.

A great resource for school trips and birthday parties, it has picnic benches to seat up to 64 adults or 80 children, with windowsill seating for more. There is good space for assembling a group before leading them out of the building.

Certain special needs groups especially appreciate that Rose’s Picnic Refuge provides seclusion from the public gaze. There is table space for 4 wheelchairs at the ends of the picnic benches, and plenty of friendly space for a wheelchair group to congregate and socialise.